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You have customized processes. And, like many others, you might have heavily relied on ITIL and managed services vendors to inform your operations.

While some of those procedures and “to do’s” can be automated through your network tools, some can’t. So, to relieve the burden on your IT team, you contract with a managed services vendor to help.

So, You’ve Established Your Processes. Now What?

ITIL shows you where you have gaps in your IT operations, so you must find ways to fill in those gaps effectively and economically. Many companies opt to contract with support vendors to supplement where automation or their IT team can’t. But what do you lose when that vendor doesn’t have the bandwidth (or the care) to conform to your pre-established ITSM management flow?

If you outsource your IT delivery to a managed services vendor that doesn’t incorporate your ITIL processes, you can lose IT ops control, optimization potential, and a strategic connection between your IT and your clientele, to name a few issues.

But there’s a better way. You can get the support you need, without giving up strategic control.

Maintaining Your ITIL and Managed Services Vendors

Some of those support vendors don’t always respect your ITIL-informed processes and methodologies; instead, they do it their way because standardization is easier for their large-scale coverage. These IT outsourcing companies play to their strengths and expect you to get in line with their processes. After all, they believe they know best.

Unfortunately, that leaves you stuck. You need the help, but, ultimately, you know best how to conduct business in your environments. You’ve established a uniquely adapted strategy and defined your processes around it.

You shouldn’t have to choose between your ITIL and managed services. What would it look like for your support vendor to seamlessly integrate with your ITSM process flow?

CentricsIT Helps Support Your Services Your Way

Whether you use an ITSM management tool like ServiceNow, HPE, or BMC Remedy, CentricsIT aligns with your management processes and augments your IT team where its bandwidth falls short.

We help you deliver on your promises as a company, and we make the entire IT operation easier to manage through our global network of strategic partners and scalable engineering resources. When your automation tools don’t cover the current crisis, our teams will step in and provide the manual automation response necessary. And, you can work with us right through your existing ITSM tools.

When your systems alert us to a need, we can quickly integrate the following single-vendor solutions into your workflow.

Third-Party Maintenance

Because of our global network of strategic partners and our long-held influence in the secondary markets, CentricsIT experts get the best deals available on the equipment our clients need. This means that we can maintain your enterprise equipment well past the OEM’s EOL and EOSL dates (and for a fraction of the cost).

If one of your servers or a security device malfunctions, we’ll get the notification and provide the necessary device or product part as well as a certified technician to install and configure it for you. While other companies may boast a 24x7x4 SLA model, their “four hour” window is much different than ours. They may guarantee a call back within four hours of your helpdesk ticket, but CentricsIT can have a physical engineer at your datacenter door within those four hours, reducing downtime, minimizing the impact, and enabling you to continue operations as normal.


CentricsIT offers extensive IT infrastructure audits to help you inventory the contents of your datacenters and stay more informed on the lifecycle management status of each device.

After our initial audit, CentricsIT technicians will configure your ITSM management system to alert us when certain lines of hardware are approaching EOSL or are depreciating too quickly for their sustainable use. From this gathered information, we will advise you on:

  • Whether or not to keep a certain device on the production floor
  • When to sell the device for the most lucrative window in the secondary markets
  • When the device should be decommissioned and recycled

In keeping with our ISO and R2 standards, we provide industry-standard data sanitization and recycling services as needed (keeping your critical data and that of your clients’ out of the dark web).

SmartHands and On-Demand Field Services

We work hard to maintain strategic partnerships with a large network of IT solutions vendors around the world. Through this network, we have a global pool of L1-L5 level IT engineering talent (CentricsIT SmartHands). So, no matter how many locations you support, no matter where you operate around the world, no matter what project you need help with, we can have certified engineers and teams of technicians at your datacenter door in a matter of hours.

Whether it be to facilitate a rack and stack of new security devices, execute a turnkey Wi-Fi initiative, or help you with a datacenter relocation, our highly qualified SmartHands engineers become an extension of your IT team to get you quickly and sustainably to your end goals.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Processes for Inflexible IT Management Support

CentricsIT has a solution for every stage of IT lifecycle management. Once we’re alerted, we work with your team to deliver according to your ITSM processes and our client-friendly SLAs so that you can, in turn, deliver on your business goals.