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The Mobile Device Challenge

Mobile devices can make our work much more efficient by eliminating delays and bringing diagnostic and decision-making tools out into the field where we need them. But who should own and manage those devices has been a topic of serious debate.

Since the mid-2000s, there’s been a competition between the strategic ideologies of BYOD and company-owned devices. For a while, BYOD was beginning to pull ahead, but as more companies realize the limitations that come with that strategy, they start to turn back to company-owned devices–especially when the ability to do one’s job depends on the function and performance of the device.

This company-owned device strategy comes with its own set of challenges, especially management, deployment logistics, and support. The experts at CentricsIT recognized an industry need and designed a solution to simplify it.

Enter AER: the CentricsIT Advanced Exchange Replacement program.

What is Advanced Exchange Replacement?

AER is a managed procurement and logistics offering that grants you the same customization, accountability, and security of company-owned methodologies, but enables you to bypass the logistics of equipping and maintaining (and even procuring) your employees’ devices.

Our network of international strategic partners grants us the unfettered ability to deliver services to our clients no matter where they operate globally (including helping you avoid the challenges of international device shipments). We take advantage of this same global network to simplify your mobile logistics through the Advanced Exchange Replacement program.

How Does Advanced Exchange Replacement Work?

Once purchased, your company’s devices will be shipped directly to a CentricsIT verified warehouse where our highly-trained technicians will provide:

  • Detailed audits for each shipment
  • Device tagging for management and tracking
  • Custom imaging of each device per your company’s standards
  • Sorting of devices into pre-approved device deployment bundles
  • Storage of bundles and replacement devices in strategic warehouses near your field operations

Once we establish these processes, your company will have device resources readily available always–on an SLA that fits your business. Life cycle and resource management will all be overseen and monitored by our engineers and consultants. As soon as we see that you are running low on device resources, we will alert your company to replenish supplies through your chosen OEM.

As for day-to-day management, if a hapless employee drops his or her work phone in water, cracks the screen, or if a device fails in some other way, all your IT team needs to do is click on the corresponding device serial number in your management system to ping our technicians and kickstart the AER process. In the same way, when you have a new hire, our technicians will also hand-deliver the necessary equipment according to your chosen SLA—as quickly as four hours later.

Get Back to Work Faster

CentricsIT Advanced Exchange Replacement is unique in its speed-to-delivery. No longer do you or your employees suffer the delays and inconveniences of warranty-based repair programs like AppleCare or iFixit—which leave your employee without a working device and can take upward of 7-10 days to complete. Instead, if a device needs to be repaired or upgraded, our CentricsIT technicians bring your employee entirely new, pre-imaged equipment that can be used as soon as it arrives. Just enter your credentials and go.

We will then take the malfunctioning device back to our warehouses to be repaired and placed back into your device management reserves. When equipment is phased out or reaches EOL, our quality certifications for data destruction and wiping as well as recycling and disposal will keep you well within compliance standards.

We’ll Manage the Questions

Lastly, our AER program includes competent IT help desk services for all your locations. At any point, your company can get in direct contact with a CentricsIT engineer to troubleshoot any technical issues experienced with the devices. If emergencies occur, CentricsIT will deploy a local technician straight to your offices within the same parameters of your chosen SLA.

Supplemental Coverage

If you already have a beneficial working relationship with your device OEM, then we won’t change a good thing. Your company can continue to order the necessary devices for your workforce, but we’ll manage the subsequent logistics.


As we’ve already discussed, our expansive coverage enables us to find and take advantage of the very best deals available for device and replacement hardware. We not only save you the hassle of procurement, we also make sure that you save money wherever possible.

If you choose a fully-outsourced AER contract, you will still benefit from all the offerings and services delineated above, but, in your case, CentricsIT will alleviate even more logistical pressure from your company. We will procure the devices that you need from our supply channels before auditing, tagging, imaging, and delivering the devices to your various locations. Rather than having two vendors to communicate with and coordinate between, you will only have one point of contact for all your device procurement and management needs.