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Looking to buy on the secondary market for the first time can seem intimidating. When buying from the OEM, you know exactly what you’re getting. You know how the whole process works, and even if you don’t, someone is more than happy to tell you. Quality is ensured by the name of the manufacturer, and you are ensured that there are systems in place to handle anything that might go wrong. There is a well-marked path for buying new hardware, and by comparison, the secondary market can feel difficult to navigate.

It can be hard to choose a vendor, so look for ones that have already been vetted. One way to go about finding a pre-owned hardware vendor is to look for ones that have been recognized by well-known names in the industry. Companies that have been recognized by respected organizations show a commitment to quality and offer an elevated level of service to their clients. They have not only been vetted by experts in the industry, they have been recognized for exceptional work.

Some sources to watch include:

Another way to vet vendors is through secondary market trading organizations. These organizations are designed to create a network of reputable vendors to prevent fraud and questionable activity. They work to provide vendors with safe and reliable sources for equipment as well as educating them on anti-counterfeiting measures. These organizations have strict membership rules and policies bases on a code of ethics that is designed to prevent any fraudulent or questionable activity from taking place. Members and non-members can be held accountable by ethics committees, and bad actors will lose their membership and be placed on lists that warn members from doing business with them.

While there is a vast community of reputable resellers on the secondary market, there are vendors to watch out for, as is true of any market. When the price tag is too good to be true, it usually is. While going through the purchasing process, ask questions. If the company cannot or will not walk you through their processes, whether equipment testing or repair, it is a red flag and an indicator that their products do not undergo the treatment they should.

When buying on the secondary market, look for companies with a reputation for excellence. CentricsIT has been recognized with six GLOBE awards by the Georgia Department of Economic Development. The GLOBE award recognizes organizations that entered one or more international markets over the course of the previous year. CentricsIT most recently received the award in 2022. In 2021, CentricsIT was recognized as the Georgia Exporter of the year. It was awarded the SDCE 100 in 2019 by the Supply & Demand Chain Executive. It has been profiled by Gartner and CRN and has been featured on Network World.