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There is no “out of sight; out of mind” when it comes to latent data. In the age of breaches, companies can’t take risks when it comes to data security and data destruction.

Dispose of your hardware without properly sanitizing the drives first, and you leave your company open, not only to data breaches, but also to heavy fines and legal repercussions. It’s likely that you don’t have the in-house equipment or expertise to conduct proper sanitization yourself, so you will need to outsource these tasks to an external vendor.

And if your compliance plans require on-site data destruction, then that vendor will need to come to you.

Get Secure Data Destruction to Come to You

There’s no need to move equipment off-site. You can bring data security directly to your data center door.

A data shredder truck is designed to be a full-service solution that brings the tools and resources necessary to sanitize all your data-bearing devices right from your company’s own secure facilities.

Just as they would if they were picking up a load of equipment, the shredder truck team will pull the vehicle right up to your company’s shipping dock. The truck’s internal equipment runs on a diesel generator, so it neither uses nor relies on your building’s power. This equipment is capable of shredding virtually any type of drive, including:

  • HDDs
  • SSDs
  • Tapes

What is the Data Destruction Process?

During the sanitization process, the shredding staff:

  • Removes the drives from machines
  • Records each serial number
  • Documents the appropriate information your data security compliance team needs
  • Shreds the device drives
  • Sorts remaining hardware and parts into recycling or disposal piles
  • Generates a certificate of data destruction (for all devices serviced)

In addition to your in-house team having the ability personally supervise the shredding process onsite.

How Long Does It Take?

When compared to data erasure (which can take a significantly longer time depending on the number of passes required), the shredder truck process is relatively quick. In one hour, the shredder truck team can sanitize up to 600 drives or 1,000 tapes. For larger projects, the shredder truck is available on a day-to-day basis, or until the sanitization project completes.

What Personnel Are Involved?

Typically, there are two or three data sanitization technicians that arrive with the truck. One tech scans the devices while the other handles the physical drive destruction. If you do not have the hardware ready for shredding upon the team’s arrival to your facilities, additional technicians will help to decommission and prep the hardware for drive removal and secure data destruction.

Why Use a Shredder Truck?

Costs and logistics are compounded when you must rely on an external vendor for off-site chain-of-custody, device removal, and shipping (as well as various other expenses for off-site data sanitation).

CentricsIT shredder trucks, however, offer an alternative solution that fits within your organization’s disposition requirements, giving you more options to economically and securely sanitize your latent data. In addition to our CentricsIT-owned shredder truck that we deploy from our Atlanta-based headquarters, we also maintain a fleet of partner trucks across North America.

It’s Not Often that “Convenience” and “Data Security” Go Hand-in-Hand

The greatest benefit of a shredder truck is that it brings secure data destruction right to your doorstep, thus reducing the chance of security breaches (or the mishandling or critical data) by keeping your hardware in your own controlled environments. When it comes to convenient data sanitization, a shredder truck is a quick and painless solution for data security peace of mind.

Don’t be the next data breach. Download the comprehensive guide to ensuring data security and brand protection during your next decommission project.