Count on CentricsIT for an Affordable Brocade Third-Party Support Alternative

CentricsIT offers Brocade third-party maintenance and support for companies of all sizes across the globe. Our data center support solutions are designed to extend the life of every machine in your infrastructure by covering equipment long after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Our support offerings cover any Brocade system currently in your environment. Our Brocade maintenance solutions save you 40–70% on storage equipment, compared to what Brocade would charge you for the same type of hardware support under a Brocade Essential contract. But the value doesn’t stop there.

What Makes Our Brocade Third-Party Support a Valuable Brocade Essential Alternative:

  • We value relationships, and know every one of our customers by name—you’re more than just an account to us.

  • We have offices and secure stocking depots positioned across the world.

  • We spare all parts ourselves and house them local to you, wherever you are.

  • Our service levels are 100% customizable—no cookie-cutter contracts or pricing plans

  • We offer same-day responses on all quotes.

  • We offer discounts for multi-year maintenance contracts.

  • Our engineers are experienced with end-of-life products.

  • There are no price increases for the life of your equipment.

OFF OEM Support List Prices, Depending on Product Line
Minutes to Address any Customer Support Ticket, 24 x 7 x 365
Secure Stocking Location Positioned Strategically for Each Client
Countries Worldwide Where We Provide Support for Our Customers


“It’s always nice to get more than what you want AND save money!”

We discussed with our CentricsIT rep exactly what we needed, and they came back to us with more than we initially were looking at buying and saved us over 60%. We were amazed!”– IT Manager, Large Southeast Manufacturing Company

We needed a cost-effective maintenance solution for our existing NetApp, IBM, Dell, Oracle, STK, and Brocade equipment. CentricsIT provided a custom support option that covered approximately 3,000 devices at our primary data center in Salt Lake City and saved us over 40% on support costs! They are a trusted partner that consistently exceeds expectations. Highly recommend!

Large North American Hospital Chain, Read Success Story

We were looking to establish a centralized support program for all our global locations, reduce maintenance spend and maximize efficiency. CentricsIT offered us a custom-fit support solution which eliminated the need for multiple support providers, saved us over 70%, and offered us better service.

Global Building Materials Company

Our Maintenance Philosophy and CentricsIT Advantage

We believe that it doesn’t make sense to pay more money to maintain older equipment. When Brocade increases your maintenance costs because your equipment is older, they’re just trying to intimidate you into purchasing newer hardware that you might not even need. Parts are cheaper and easier to source for older Brocade hardware, and the pool of trained technicians that have been around for years is larger. That is why our third party Brocade support options make more sense for your business.

CentricsIT is able to support Brocade equipment under customizable service levels completely designed for your requirements. There are no penalties for adding or deleting equipment on your contract, so you can adjust your Brocade support levels penalty-free anytime.

If you need an engineer onsite to fulfill your Brocade technical support request—no problem. We have a wide network of Brocade engineers all over the world. They are experienced with all the Brocade product lines, including Brocade DCX/8510/X6 (Directors & Blades), Brocade 6505/6510/6520 Series (16GB), Brocade 300/5100/5300 Series (8GB), Brocade G610/G620/G630 (32GB) or Brocade 7500/7800/7810/7840 (Converged/Extension)Series.

Our approach to support allows us to maintain all of your hardware across manufacturers through one call and one contract. We provide third-party data center support and maintenance for all of the leading equipment manufacturers, including: IBM, HP, EMC, Sun/Oracle, Brocade, Cisco, and many others.


Learn how CentricsIT can help your company save 40–70% on Brocade third-party maintenance services. Request a free consultation today, and one of our support specialists will respond within one (1) business day.