CentricsIT Support Services vs. OEM Maintenance Key Offerings And Features

CentricsIT maintenance and support services give you the flexibility and the resources you need to manage your data center. OEMs only support their equipment, but odds are that your data center has more than one manufacturer’s equipment. The CentricsIT certified engineers work on all of the major manufacturers equipment, so one call to us can take care of all the equipment in your data center. Our maintenance solutions either replace existing support programs or strategically supplement OEM plans.

Gartner identifies CentricsIT as a top TPM solution provider for cost optimization, and the typical customer saves 40-70% on support costs.

Multi-Vendor IT Support

  • CentricsIT provides server, networking, and storage support/maintenance in one call.
  • By choosing a third-party maintenance provider, you save money and time with one point of contact for all of your maintenance concerns.
  • Our online management system offers an easy way to track your assets and manage your inventory through one system.
  • CentricsIT services equipment from all the top manufacturers, including: IBM, Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, Sun/Oracle, and more.

Easy, Fast Tracking

  • Input maintenance requests quickly and easily through our online portal
  • Our efficient Response Process involves four easy steps:
    • Step 1: Submit request either by phone or online
    • Step 2. Your ticket is entered into our database
    • Step 3. Your ticket is assigned to one of our certified engineers and attended to within 30 minutes
    • Step 4. If parts are needed, they are requested from the local parts depot and delivered immediately or shipped overnight to meet the customer’s SLA

Simple Maintenance Contracts – One Contract for Your Entire Data Center

The days of managing multiple maintenance contracts in your data center are gone. With CentricsIT support, we put all maintenance for all machines, across all data centers, and for all manufacturers on one easy-to-understand contract. Our comprehensive contract and pricing options give you the ability to build simple maintenance contracts that best suits your infrastructure and budget.

You can expect that all CentricsIT contracts:

Are customer-centric – Most OEMs have contractual terms that benefit them. The simple contract solutions we offer benefit the customer.

Simplify the approval process – Our simple contracts are straight to the point, and the terms and conditions are completely flexible. Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen!

Avoid delays – Your data center needs to be running efficiently and fully supported without interruption. Complicated contracts and reading between the lines should not cause a setback with your support. CentricsIT contracts are straight forward and easy to approve or modify in a short timeframe.

Service Packages

Our goal is to make your maintenance support agreements as simple and flexible as possible.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 phone support is standard across all SLAs
  • Next Business Day and 4-hour response times for replacement parts and on-site service
    • Next Business Day parts are guaranteed to arrive before noon the next business day
  • We can create customized SLAs based on your company’s unique needs

What we Mean by Four-Hour Response

When the OEM says they have a 4-hour response time, it means they will get back to you within four hours. At CentricsIT, when we say 4-hour response time, it means that within four hours your problem will be diagnosed and the part will be onsite.

Key Offerings and Features CentricsIT OEMs
Same-day response on all quotes
Easy-to-use online ticketing system
One call for all your data center needs
No price increases for the life of equipment – guaranteed
Discounts for multi-year maintenance contracts
Customer-fit programs designed for your specific needs
Advanced asset tracking system
Local parts warehouse
Engineers experienced with end-of-life products
End-of-life service parts available on all product lines
Four-hour response time means on-site, part-in-hand
No penalties for changing SLAs on equipment
No penatlies for adding or deleting equipment on contract
Co-term contracts available
Support first – Ensures you will receive coverage on any asset

Varies by OEM


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