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In this month’s feature, we are focusing on HP ProCurve 2920 Switch Series. This series consists of five switches. The 2920 switch can support a total of 740W of PoE/PoE+ power and includes the additional power supply. The perks associated with the HP ProCurve 2920 Switch line include a warranty from the manufacturer, affordability over the competition, and the fact that HP is gaining market share in the networking space. This switch series is a cost-effective, scalable solution for those with high-performance networks and is great for managing enterprises.

Features and Capabilities

These switches are designed for optimal connectivity, energy-efficient performance, and next-level software networking. In the 2920 Switch series, the five options are: the HP 2920-24G and 2920-24G-PoE+ Switches with 24 10/100/1000 ports; and the HP 2920-48G, 2920-48G-PoE+, and 2920-48G 740W PoE+ Switches with 48 10/100/1000 ports. Some of the series’ newer features include basic 3-layer switching and modular 80 Gb/s stacking modules that can support up to four switches. The switch comes equipped with high-performance Gigabit Ethernet access to ensure top-quality connectivity. The new OpenFlow software enables the switch series to have better separation of the packet forwarding and routing decisions.

Manageability and Security

The HP ProCurve 2920 Switch series is very resilient and provides options for multiple VLAN environments. This series is prepared for potential link or switch failures with its ring and chain stacking topology. This allows failure of one of the links or switches in the ring, while the remaining links or switches will continue to operate. The 2920 Series was designed with easy-to-configure link redundancy for all active and standby links. This series also comes equipped with superior manageability, ranging in features from dual flash images to uni-directional link detection. All of these features optimize the user experience and streamline processes. In addition to its user manageability, the 2920 Switch series boasts great security features. Its multiple user authentication methods and authentication flexibility are up to industry standards to protect data and information.

Business Advantages

If you’re in the market for a switch that offers great user manageability, security, and next-level software networking, look no further than the HP ProCurve 2920 Switch series. This switch series will optimize connectivity and enable energy-efficient performance suited for your company’s needs.

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