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Cisco ASR routers were first released more than a decade ago and have been continually improved since then. Cisco ASR is short for Aggregated Services Routers, and they are designed to aggregate traffic streams while controlling and securing the traffic. Designed for the enterprise, Cisco ASR routers were built for data centers and large offices, managing traffic to avoid bottlenecks and prevent slowdowns and interruptions.

Cisco ASR Routers – In Stock and Ready to Ship Worldwide

The most popular Cisco ASR routers at CentricsIT include used Cisco ASR1001-X, used Cisco ASR1002-X and used Cisco ASR1001-HX routers. Each is SD-WAN ready, SD-Access ready and is always on. They are designed to enable visibility into their environments and provide insights that aid the speed of troubleshooting when things go wrong.

Cisco ASR routers are edge routers built for the enterprise and service providers and are designed to consume less rack space and power than those that have come before. Cisco ASR1001-X accomplishes this goal as does Cisco ASR1002-X. Cisco ASR1001-HX routers take the goal further, offering a high-performance edge solution for offices with private WANs.

CentricsIT Carries New, Used and Refurbished Cisco ASR

CentricsIT is a leading international distributor of used and refurbished Cisco ASR routers. Whether you are looking for newer models or legacy ASR routers to fit your current environment, CentricsIT has what you need. With our in-house engineers, CentricsIT can configure your used Cisco ASR router so that it is ready to deploy upon arrival.

Like other CentricsIT products, used Cisco ASR routers save businesses 40–70% versus traditional distribution channels. Because CentricsIT keeps more than $10 million of inventory in stock, most quotes can be configured and shipped worldwide within 24–48 hours, eliminating OEM lead times, and with our in-house customs brokers, the hardware arrives anywhere in the world without unnecessary delay. If you do not see the model you want, contact us! Not all of our inventory is featured on our website.

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