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Your business is expanding, which is a good thing. But with expansion comes a hefty caseload of expenditures, logistics, and IT workforce strain. Hardware-as-a-Service eases the tension in new location rollouts.

Rolling out new facilities is no easy task, but your infrastructure should never be the limiting factor in your company’s growth momentum. Your technology supports your business and drives your production. When you can’t get a new technology setup quickly (or economically), you run the risk of spending more than producing. And the same is true for remote offices and new retail locations, although they typically require less hardware.

More scalable hardware rollout methodologies exist; you’re just not implementing them, yet.

Making the Right Decisions

When you are preparing a new location—whether it be a data center move, results of a merger, or a net-new facility altogether—you have a ton of decisions to make.

Let’s talk about your current implementation plans:

  • Where will you procure the hardware?
  • How will you guarantee that you are getting the best deals?
  • Will you buy outright or rent?
  • How will you mirror your environments during the transition?
  • What will happen to the old hardware after the move?
  • What about maintenance and upgrade schedules?

These few questions barely scratch the surface of what you have facing you, and even then, they only concern the hardware aspect of the bigger project itself. You have countless other directions you’re pulled in concerning the facility itself, transfer logistics, employment needs, marketing campaigns, etc.

But you cannot make hardware decisions lightly. The wrong purchase can leave you with hundreds of thousands of dollars in waste. What you need is a vetted methodology and process to fall back on when you need to make a large corporate change like this. A process that guarantees that you’ll get exactly what you need, when you need it, for the right price.


According to your needs and current situation, CentricsIT will navigate all the hardware logistics on your behalf through our fully-managed Hardware-as-a-Service subscription model. Tell us what you want to do, and we’ll help you find the right sourcing, delivery, and maintenance strategy (whether it be for swing gear, hardware bake-offs, or R&D initiatives).

Our network of international partners and our involvement in secondary markets gives us a cost advantage over OEMs and other third-party organizations. We can acquire any hardware our clients need at the most economical pricing from anywhere around the globe.

With our subscription model, you get a flexible IT lifecycle sourcing and management system that includes:

  • Customized hardware bundling
  • Pre-imaging and software installation
  • Shipping logistics, unpacking, rack and stack, install, optimization, and IT team training (through our SmartHands workforce)
  • Fully-managed maintenance and repair (24x7x365 Help Desk Support)
  • Scheduled upgrades
  • Disposition and data sanitization services

Moreover, we don’t require you to maintain or return the hardware “as-new.” You use the equipment while you need it, we maintain it for that time according to your SLAs, and then we pick it back up for you at the end of the use cycle. It really is as straightforward as it sounds.

Consider the impact of a subscription-based hardware sourcing model in the following scenarios.

Data Center Moves and Mergers

Say your company is transferring its headquarters from Alabama to Atlanta, with the intention of shutting down the old facilities after you complete the migration. You’re not yet sure if you want to rent or buy the new data center equipment, so CentricsIT provides pre-imaged swing gear for the interim.

This enables you to mirror your environment during the transition, reduce downtime potential, and take the opportunity to test out new lines of hardware while you’re at it. If the equipment works well for your needs, you can use the infrastructure on a month-to-month subscription model and enjoy the benefits of our world-class TPM as well as our ITAD services (that will also take care of the old equipment at the closed facility).

Net-New Facilities

If you are expanding locally or making a strategic expansion from the States to an international site (to accommodate for compliance requirements in the EU), our Hardware-as-a-Service offerings will provide swing gear for initial setup until you have a more permanent plan in place. Hardware-as-a-Service is temporally flexible, enabling you to use the gear for as short a time span as a few days to months at a time.

Hardware Sourcing Designed for You

We designed Hardware-as-a-Service to be highly scalable and customizable, enabling us to align to your specific needs as your company evolves and advances. Most importantly, we understand that what your company needs is critically dependent on who you are and what your goals are, so before our IT team makes a move, we’ll take the time to get to know you, your processes, and your impending projects as a whole.

Need a more effective project hardware model for your expanding environments? Contact us to reduce logistical strain and hardware expenditures with CentricsIT Hardware-as-a-Service.