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With global ITAD solutions provider Arrow Electronics announcing its intention to leave the IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) industry to focus on other divisions of its operations, Arrow Electronics ITAD clients are left to find new alternatives. This cost-cutting initiative to wind down Arrow’s ITAD operations by the end of 2019 in most of the countries the company currently operates in, including the United States and the United Kingdom.

For multinational Arrow ITAD clients that valued its global presence, finding an ITAD solutions provider with the right global footprint to take its place before the end of the year might prove a challenge.

Why Global Presence Matters in Your ITAD Provider

For companies with a multinational presence, you need an ITAD provider that can be at your data center, no matter where it is in the world. These large global businesses often schedule large ITAD projects for multiple locations simultaneously, and working with a multitude of vendors for your asset disposition project takes valuable time away from your team that could be spent focused on other strategic initiatives.

For many Arrow ITAD clients, the large distributor’s global presence was key in their decision to use Arrow as their ITAD provider. And, while there are many ITAD providers around the world, few are equipped for multinational projects.

Finding the right hands for the right places in all your global locations can be a difficult task, and not just for ITAD solutions alone.

For global companies, it’s necessary to find an ITAD solution provider with:

Blanket Coverage to Fill in the Gaps

When you’re ready to engage your ITAD solutions provider, chances are you’re working on a timeline to make room in your data centers for active hardware and to protect the latent data you have sitting on these unused machines. Global companies need a solution with the resources to push through their ITAD initiatives both quickly and efficiently.

Greater Reach

When companies lack the expertise or bandwidth to complete an ITAD project at their locations, they need a global ITAD solutions provider that can quickly deploy the right people to those locations, no matter where they are in the world. When your company is in flux, you need an IT partner that can be flexible with you.

Standardization Across Locations

Companies that choose to engage individual local ITAD providers rather than find one global ITAD solution often encounter lack of standardization across their locations. When your data center in the United States is decommissioning according to different set of standards from your location in the Middle East, you run into more than just quality issues—especially when auditors come to visit. By working with a single global ITAD provider that has demonstrably committed itself to excellence via industry certification, companies ensure a consistent, secure, and quality ITAD experience.

Gartner Recommendations for ITAD

According to Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for ITAD, IT leaders are struggling with data security and environmental impact when it comes to finding the right ITAD solutions provider. The Gartner Market Guide for ITAD serves as both a research guide and benchmark for ITAD solutions and processes. Arrow clients looking for their next ITAD provider would be well served in utilizing Gartner’s advice during their search.

To determine the right fit for your ITAD needs, Gartner has these three key recommendations:

  1. Not everything is about cost. Organizations must balance cost and risk when considering a new ITAD vendor.
  2. Find an ITAD solutions provider that will work with you to customize an ITAD solution that fits your current processes and environments.
  3. Become proactive about data security risks. Look for an ITAD vendor that also prioritizes your company’s reputation and ensures your data remains secure during the ITAD process.

Global ITAD Solutions with CentricsIT

Like other ITAD solutions providers, CentricsIT is here to help Arrow ITAD clients left without a partner for their ITAD needs. And, unlike other ITAD solutions providers, CentricsIT has the global presence, network of engineering expertise, and years of experience managing multiple multinational ITAD projects simultaneously that former Arrow ITAD clients need.

Cited as an industry leader by Gartner, CentricsIT offers flexible, customized ITAD programs to address your organization’s asset disposition needs. We also schedule any combination of our global services individually as needed.

When you approach CentricsIT with any IT asset disposition project, we work with you to customize an ITAD solution that works best for your business based on your current processes and environments. We also utilize advanced disk sanitization methods to erase data according to HIPAA and Department of Defense NISPOM standards and offer use of disk destruction devices to obliterate your hard disks entirely with data erasure. Regardless of the procedure you prefer, CentricsIT will provide you with a Certificate of Erasure or Destruction, backed up by our data security guarantee.

For Arrow ITAD clients searching for an ITAD solutions partner that helps them reduce their environmental footprint, we ensure that all of our IT recycling practices meet or exceed EPA standards, and our data center expertise translates directly to our processes, which are among the most efficient in our industry.

Data protection shouldn’t end with the use of your hardware. Download the free e-book from the CentricsIT ITAD experts to learn how you can decommission your assets and ensure data security.