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Contributed by Cameron James, Executive Vice President of Direct Sales

We’ve been promoting third-party maintenance (TPM) for more than a decade now. Most of the clients we talk to about TPM understand its value right away. Hopefully by now everyone in the industry knows that OEM support prices increase if you don’t upgrade your infrastructure after about three years. Furthermore, it’s only logical to think that, in most cases, spare parts for three-year-old equipment should be less expensive, right? As a comparison, if you bought a car three years ago, you can’t sell it now for half of what you bought it for. This same logic applies to your data center hardware, and this is where CentricsIT comes in. We have disrupted the market much quicker than we forecasted.

The biggest question we face when entering a dialog around TPM is “What about software?”

My response is typically, “Well, what about it?”

The simple answer is no, we don’t provide software support, unless it’s available on the public domain. This is the same across all third-party providers. But here is what makes sense to consider when evaluating TPM for your environment: What is your patching process and how often do you patch? I would guess that 90% of the customers I talk to don’t know these answers, and most find out they don’t really have a patching process. This is why the issue of software maintenance has not prevented TPM from becoming a billion-dollar industry, and 71% of Fortune 100 companies use a TPM provider in some form (Gartner’s Forecast Analysis: IT Services, Worldwide, 1Q17).

So, if certain machines in your environment require software upgrades on a very strict, methodical schedule, then TPM isn’t the best fit for them. But, if you want to save money on your break-fix contracts, without jeopardizing any of the service you’re accustomed to, then feel free to reach out.

We’re signing new contracts every day with global enterprises. Our growth in this space is a testament to our value and level of service delivery. We’re among the best service providers in the world—and if you’re curious to learn more, you should contact us now.

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