Count on CentricsIT for all your IBM Third-Party Maintenance Needs

CentricsIT offers IBM third-party maintenance for companies of all sizes across the globe. Our data center support solutions are designed to extend the life of every machine in your data center by covering equipment long after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Our approach saves you 40–70% off what the manufacturer would charge to support the same equipment. And when something goes awry in your data center, the CentricsIT team of certified engineers are prepared to provide the highest level of data center support possible.

CentricsIT employs manufacturer-certified engineers and technicians who spend every day servicing and troubleshooting equipment. When you call us with a problem, there’s a good chance we’ve already come across it and know exactly how to resolve it. And if you need an engineer onsite to fulfill your IBM maintenance request—no problem. We have engineers placed with customers all over the world.

Our approach to support allows us to maintain all of your hardware across manufacturers through one call, one contract. We provide third-party data center support and maintenance for all of the leading equipment manufacturers, including: IBM, HP, EMC, Sun/Oracle, Cisco, F5 and many others.