CentricsIT provides a transportation company with a custom, best-in-class solution to deliver unmatched performance under one service provider.


Having a global presence as an aerospace and transportation equipment manufacturer comes with its fair share of challenges. Our client began with producing snowmobiles in the mid-1930s, and over the years it has grown into a large manufacturer of regional airliners, business jets, mass transportation equipment, recreational equipment and a provider of financial services.


Our client designs many of the high speed, local, and metro trains in Europe. When a train pulls into the station, all of the diagnostic information that the train collects during its journey needs to be uploaded to the organization’s servers, checked, and sent back to the train. In years past, someone would physically connect a LAN cable to the train to download the information. Today, the information is sent wirelessly. However, today’s changing technology requires more and more data to be downloaded each time the train arrives at the station. Originally a train would have a maximum of 200 mbts per arrival, while today it is upwards of 2 GB. The client reached out to CentricsIT to design a new wireless solution for the TWCS including installation, implementation and configuration of the solution, providing channel-alternative maintenance of the installed networking hardware across six different locations in Europe.

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Download the case study to learn how CentricsIT provided the client with a turnkey solution that was custom-built to meet the company’s requirements. In addition, the client was able to increase efficiency and have peace of mind knowing that all of its onsite maintenance was managed by a single provider.