CentricsIT helps $9 trillion stock exchange organization with IT audit and removal of its decommissioned assets.


The moment an asset is decommissioned, our client needs it to be removed immediately. For a company this successful and expansive, real estate within the data center is incredibly valuable; unused machines cause significant problems long-term. Our client did not have time to create an audit and was looking for a fast resource to assist. All necessary data destruction and auditing services were also required. Because the company would always need asset removal, it wanted to install a revenue sharing program for future ITAD needs.

Because the company operates at such expansive speeds, the ITAD solution also had to operate at the same pace. For most of our client’s assets, there was a 48-hour pickup time. Upon arrival, a thorough audit along with erasure reports and certificates had to be provided within 30 days. Fair market value also needed to be established, and all credit applied to services would need to be detailed in a monthly report.


CentricsIT performed all necessary audits and removal services for the client onsite. CentricsIT operated quickly and efficiently as needed. This was beneficial to the client because it cut out unnecessary steps and other extra processes that could potentially waste time. CentricsIT also supplied the company with monthly audit reports on the requested equipment, giving the client the opportunity for ROI options for future services through CentricsIT.

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