CentricsIT worked with this influential company in the steel industry to provide a comprehensive solution for its asset disposal needs.


Successful companies of this scale naturally seek continuous improvement in their processes. The company understood that it was most effective when pursuing perfection in all aspects of its business, including fields disparate from its core business functions. Early in 2015, CentricsIT began corresponding with this company regarding its IT asset disposal (ITAD).

The steel conglomerate came to a frank realization. “We are looking at options for our asset disposal program, as we have a wide variety of assets from desktops and laptops, to servers, switches, routers, and printers. Currently, we do not get what we believe is value from these recycled assets.”

In addition, the process by which the steel producer managed its leased equipment led to several instances of mistaken disposal—employees would occasionally discard items that needed to be returned to the OEM at the completion of a lease agreement. Finally, these processes were not coordinated throughout the enterprise, with different regions in the United States adopting unique practices for ITAD.


The company’s primary concern was to ensure they were getting the fair market value for the disposal of its IT equipment. In the past, the company felt it had not received compensation for its used equipment commensurate with its worth. Furthermore, the company determined that having a unified and consistent method for tracking its equipment was critical to the success of its disposal program. Accidental disposal of leased equipment represented significant and costly errors that could be prevented with a universal system for tracking and categorizing all IT hardware.

In a similar vein, the company recognized the importance of proper data erasure and the need for certification that sensitive customer information had been thoroughly removed before disposal. A unified tracking and data-wiping process would eliminate the company’s liability for its customer data, providing not only significant savings from the elimination of costly errors but also invaluable assurance for the IT equipment managers.

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