CentricsIT helps solutions provider reconfigure, manage, and deliver hundreds of servers on a strict timeline.


Our client had 652 servers that required a multitude of different services. These servers had to be delivered in eight separate shipments, required a full audit, and had to be configured five different ways. In addition to these services, all necessary programs had to be loaded and configured to the servers; and the MAC and IP addresses, serial numbers, part numbers, cabinet numbers, and rack positions had to be recorded. All of this had to be completed within a time-sensitive deadline of two months.


CentricsIT had to step in and perform all of the necessary tasks required by the client within the set deadline. The project needed to be as seamless as possible. CentricsIT was required to tag all assets and print custom labels for each box with all information needed to help with installation. CentricsIT was also responsible for repacking and palletizing the servers for shipping to over ten different locations.

“Centrics hit it out of the park on this project. There were hiccups, as there always are, but you guys rose to the occasion each time. We have several more of these projects coming this year, and as far as I am concerned, you are our integration and logistics partner moving forward.”

Solutions Provider President

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Download the case study to learn how the company saved over 30% by partnering with CentricsIT. CentricsIT was able to deliver a wider range of services globally and beat the set deadline when the OEM was unable to commit to the timeframe.