CentricsIT provided global field resources to upgrade this multinational law firm with the latest technology.


This premier law firm resides among the top five biggest law firms in the nation and operates in over 40 countries globally. With expertise in fields from arbitration and litigation to corporate crime and governmental affairs, it serves as a powerhouse in the legal realm. With a bevy of US representatives and senators counted among its alumni, this company’s reputation as a groomer of top talent nearly exceeds its reputation for juridical excellence. And it needed an IT solution up to high standards.


Even the most prestigious firms will undoubtedly tangle with internet issues or software malfunctions. For our client, the challenge was predictable, but daunting: upgrade 6,000 employee devices in 40 countries within seven months.

For organizations whose resources are their people, providing timely superior technology can be the differentiator between winning and losing a major client. With its employees still running Windows 7 in most field offices, time was running out to update to the additional functionality and security of Windows 10 across the enterprise.

For even most technology companies, handling this upgrade internally would be daunting. Our client not only needed to source 6,000 devices efficiently and economically, but also distribute them worldwide. Additionally, the client needed each device installed, anomalies identified (and fixed), and the replaced devices properly wiped and decommissioned. This amounted to upgrading 250 devices per week for 24 weeks, while simultaneously maintaining core business functions during the transition.

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