CentricsIT provides this remote-access software company with full-lifecycle IT solutions in real-time.


This successful remote access software company provides top-tier, cloud-based remote connectivity and administration software solutions. As one of the leading SaaS companies in the world, the organization maintains a remote access platform that supports over two-million users daily. With locations across the globe, the organization has thousands of employees and promotes a company culture and atmosphere of transparency and collaboration—philosophies that the company prides itself on enabling for clients throughout its solution suite as well.

Because of its global spread, the organization has a vast international landscape of data centers optimized with the corresponding hardware infrastructure necessary at each site to support its remote access platform. As a result, company leadership often does not have much advance notice of what the physical infrastructure projects will be, so they needed a vendor that could respond and deliver full-lifecycle IT solutions in real-time.


The company had consolidation initiatives and data center moves slated for two of its Northeastern sites that required:

  • Lift-and-shift operations
  • IT Asset Disposition for decommissioned hardware
  • Secure shipment and delivery services
  • Compliance-fulfilling e-waste removal
  • Rack-and-stack and installation
  • International import and export of shipment

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