CentricsIT Deploys Regional Field Engineers to Support VAR Partner


The bank acquired another financial institution and was tasked with refreshing technology to an improved standard at 47 locations in one weekend. This seemed like an impossible task. The client had never outsourced IT refreshes, but knew they were not going to be able to complete this without support.


Our partner requested regional Field Engineers aligned across the 47 sites simultaneously and needed to know the number of engineers required to complete the refresh and cut-over in less than 48 hours. The bank insisted for the team to follow their standard runbook, and CentricsIT agreed. Both the partner and end user needed to understand our approach and how we could successfully complete this project within their targeted deadline and deliver quality work. They also needed to know how our project management team would coordinate and manage the high number of engineers required for the project.

Download Full Case Study

Download the case study to learn how CentricsIT was able to provide the same user experience and high-level services across multiple locations for the technology giant. The CentricsIT Project Management Office has a global network of highly vetted and experienced engineers to help companies that need to get crucial projects completed quickly−and correctly.