CentricsIT helps a leading national manufacturer with its network and cabling needs across the country.


With over 1,000 locations nationwide and $18 billion in sales, this leading wholesale commercial and residential plumbing supplier needed a resource capable of providing and delivering network cabling field engineering services across the country. Since sending its IT team to multiple locations didn’t make sense logistically or economically, the client needed expertise it could trust onsite handling the work so the distributor could focus on what it does best− providing expert advice and world-class service to customers wanting to improve their construction, renovation, and maintenance projects.


As the largest plumbing supplies distributor and third-largest HVAC supplier in the US, the client couldn’t afford significant downtime as it completed its relocation, new location rollout, renovation, wireless upgrade, and other field projects.

The client needed local expertise in each of its locations to be available onsite. With its internal team unable to be everywhere at once, the distributor turned to outside vendors.

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