Smarter Than SMARTnet: Comparing Cisco Maintenance Pricing to a Third-Party Maintenance Quote

This datasheet will reveal the cost comparison between Cisco maintenance and support through the OEM versus a third-party maintenance provider. We will also explain the secrets behind OEM maintenance and how TPM providers are able to offer the same or better support at a fraction of the cost.

A Maintenance Option That Is Smarter Than


What the OEM doesn’t want you to know is that it actually costs Cisco less to maintain your equipment the longer it has been on the market. A switch to a third party maintenance provider can save you up to 70% on your Cisco maintenance expenditures.


Did You Know?

of Fortune 100 customers used a TPM provider in their environment in 2016.
to 70% of IT budgets is spent on maintenance and “keeping the lights on.”

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Download the datasheet to learn more about Cisco maintenance and support and uncover areas of untapped savings in your data center.