Security should be every IT department’s top priority, and this should not end at End-of-Life. Decommissioned assets are often not treated with the same amount of care as the active environment, giving attackers access to unguarded data. Secure ITAD services help prevent these unnecessary data breaches by providing data destruction and sustainable disposal.

ITAD Methods

CentricsIT offers physical destruction and data sanitization as part of its secure ITAD offerings. Each method has its advantages—while data sanitization is preferred because it allows the drive to be reused, some data may require physical destruction because of the way it’s regulated.

  • Physical Destruction: The physical destruction of hard drives is preferred by some because of the assurance it gives that data cannot be recovered. CentricsIT uses punching and shredding (preferred), to destroy these drive and recover the materials for recycling.
  • Data Sanitizaiton: For data sanitization, CentricsIT adheres to industry standard DoD 5220.22, created by the Department of Defense. For DoD 5220.22, the standard number of overwrites is 3, extended is 7 (two runs of DoD with an extra pass on top), and the “paranoia pass” is 21+, but the latter wears out the drive more quickly.

Secure Chain of Custody

Whether your equipment is undergoing destruction or wiping, CentricsIT provides secure chain of custody for every hardware shipment by default, complete with documentation, physical parameters and fail-safes. Each piece of equipment processed by CentricsIT is processed with a secure chain of custody, ensuring that data remains secure.


Certifications are the best way to tell if an ITAD provider offers secure ITAD services. Among certifications offered, R2v3 is one of the most popular. To achieve R2, ITAD providers must maintain ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. They must also undergo a thorough auditing process conducted by accredited third-party auditors to verify compliance with R2 standards. This process evaluates every aspect of the provider’s operations, from environmental management to data security protocols. The certification doesn’t only apply to the facility evaluated. As part of R2, any downstream facilities must be qualified and audited as well. The R2 certification is fully re-audited every three years, and less extensive audits are performed annually.

R2 certification requires ITAD providers to adhere to a comprehensive set of standards and best practices, ensuring transparency and accountability in every stage of the asset disposition lifecycle. Measures to ensure compliance include documenting processes, recording the flow of equipment, data destruction, shipping, and recording quality assurance testing. By partnering with an R2-certified provider like CentricsIT, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to compliance with industry regulations and ethical business practices.

Secure ITAD Services From CentricsIT

By adhering to legal requirements and achieving certifications like R2v3, ITAD companies not only ensure compliance but also build trust with their clients. The commitment to continuous improvement and adherence to rigorous standards underscores the vital role these companies play in protecting both data and the environment in our increasingly digital world.
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