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Juniper EOL/EOSL Products and SKUs

Has your Juniper equipment reached or is approaching the end of its service life (EOSL)? That means Juniper will no longer provide technical support or maintenance for your hardware. It might seem like you only have two options: upgrade to newer equipment, or take on the heavy burden of troubleshooting, sparing, and remediating the EOSL equipment. However, there are better options you should consider.

At CentricsIT, we offer TPM and ITAD solutions for customers looking for a more practical, flexible way to support your Juniper hardware for the remainder of the IT lifecycle, even after EOSL has been announced.

Third-Party Maintenance for Juniper End-of-Life (EOL) and Juniper End-of-Service-Life (EOSL)

Gartner recently reported that 71% of the Fortune 100 Companies are utilizing third party maintenance in order to cut operating expenses, extend the life of their equipment, and put the decision-making power back in their hands. TPM pricing and continued support provides you the flexibility to save toward a capital outlay and prepare for the eventual transition to newer equipment—but this time, it’s on your schedule.

Our global network of partners and market specialists enables us to get the best possible deals on new and refurbished hardware anywhere in the world. Not only that, we also have access to qualified engineers worldwide, meaning we provide the same level of hardware support you’ve been used to with Juniper (if not better). This combination results in a comprehensive and affordable third-party maintenance solution that beats out Juniper support prices by 40%-70%.

OFF OEM Support List Prices, Depending on Product Line
Minutes to Address any Customer Support Ticket, 24 x 7 x 365
Secure Stocking Location Positioned Strategically for Each Client
Countries Worldwide Where We Provide Support for Our Customers

Did You Know?

of Fortune 100 customers used a TPM provider in their environment in 2016.
of IT budgets is spent on maintenance and “keeping the lights on.”


Juniper End-of-Service-Life (EOSL) Models

Juniper has announced the end-of-service-life for the following products. If your Juniper hardware is on this list, contact us today to discuss your options.

Model EOSL Date
Juniper J2320 7/31/2018
Juniper J2350 7/31/2018
Juniper J4350 7/31/2018
Juniper EX4200-24P 6/30/2018
Juniper EX4200-48P 6/30/2018
Juniper WLA371B 3/31/2018
Juniper WLA422B 3/31/2018
Juniper T320 Platform 2/28/2018
Juniper CX111-3G-BRIDGE 2/27/2018
Juniper CX111-MC200LE-VZ-BNDL 2/27/2018

Upgrade Your Juniper EOSL Equipment on Your Own Schedule

Strategic TPM and ITAD solutions grant you the technical support and flexibility you need, long after EOSL is announced. By engaging these resources and planning for the transition from the very beginning, you mitigate the risk and cost associated with EOSL events. Fill out the form below to contact one of our Juniper Solutions Specialists and discuss your options.