Why Choose CentricsIT for ITAD Services?

If you’re looking for a trusted partner to manage the secure and environmentally responsible disposal of your end-of-life IT assets, CentricsIT is here to deliver tailored solutions. As a world leader in providing ITAD services, including recycling and buyback programs, we are committed to helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of IT asset disposition while maximizing value and promoting sustainability.

CentricsIT Advantages

  • Global Expertise

    With a global reach, CentricsIT can efficiently manage ITAD services for businesses with a local or global presence. Our extensive network allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions wherever you are.

  • Secure End-of-Life Solutions

    Security is paramount in our ITAD services. CentricsIT ensures the secure disposition of end-user devices, protecting sensitive data and minimizing the risk of data breaches during and after the disposal process.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    At CentricsIT, we are committed to sustainability. Our ITAD programs include environmentally responsible recycling practices, reducing electronic waste, and contributing to a circular economy.

Comprehensive ITAD Services

The pillars of ITAD are data security, value recovery, environmental sustainability and brand protection. These pillars are baked into everything CentricsIT does. Our comprehensive ITAD solutions are built to help businesses get the most value out of there hardware through secure, green disposal.

  • Secure Data Destruction

    CentricsIT employs industry-leading data destruction methods to ensure that sensitive information is permanently and securely erased from all devices.

  • Equipment Recycling

    Our environmentally conscious recycling programs aim to minimize electronic waste by recycling IT equipment in compliance with global environmental standards.

  • Buyback Programs

    CentricsIT offers competitive buyback programs, allowing businesses to maximize the value of their retired IT assets.

CentricsIT ITAD Process

  • Assessment

    Our experts conduct a thorough assessment of your IT assets to determine their value and the best disposition strategy.

  • Secure Data Erasure

    Sensitive data is securely erased using advanced data destruction methods.

  • Environmental Compliance

    We adhere to strict environmental standards in recycling, ensuring responsible and ethical disposal.

  • Reporting

    Detailed reports are provided, documenting the entire ITAD process for your records and compliance.


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We discussed with our CentricsIT rep exactly what we needed, and they came back to us with more than we initially were looking at buying and saved us over 60%. We were amazed!”– IT Manager, Large Southeast Manufacturing Company

“CentricsIT stood out immediately because of their pricing. They blew the other companies out of the water. Furthermore, their customer service and attention to detail was fantastic. Our rep is available to us 24/7. You could even say that he’s an extension of our IT team.”

IT Director, Global Company in Software Vertical

“Price was definitely the biggest factor, but I have to say that I am always impressed with how quickly I get a response when requesting a quote from CentricsIT. With CentricsIT, I usually get a quote back within 30 minutes or at the very least, by end of business day. That’s a great way to do business.”

Enterprise Network Engineer, Global Company in Healthcare Industry

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Global Building Materials Company

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