Incident Management & Ticketing

CentricsIT is uniquely positioned as one of the only multi-vendor IT hardware and support suppliers with global reach. Our global TPM services support everything from EOS equipment to the latest and greatest models just released by OEMs.

How quickly you deal with breakdowns that occur in your data center can be the difference between minimal delays and extensive downtime. And a great deal of your ability to respond well to these issues is the speed, quality, and dedication of your maintenance support vendor.

CentricsIT Incident Management Key Offerings and Features

24 x 7 Data Center Support – We’ll Take Your Call Any Time

Data center issues don’t take holidays, and neither should your IT support. Standard support at CentricsIT means 24 x 7 x 365 phone support on every SLA. This means you can initiate a support ticket by phone any time of day, any day of the week, any week of the year. This isn’t a premium feature—it’s standard—which means you don’t pay a premium for it.

We also host an online portal for trouble tickets. With access to the online portal 24 x 7 x 365, you can submit a support request through whichever channel works best for you.

Part Sparing Efficiency

As a leading independent hardware reseller, CentricsIT is uniquely qualified to source and spare parts at the most competitive price points.

As experts in both new and secondary market hardware, CentricsIT can spare parts for machines of any generation, even rare and difficult-to-find components. Furthermore, CentricsIT buys and sells hardware from every manufacturer—that means every spare you could need can be acquired from one single source.

We will house your spares in one or more of our secure stocking locations. We have hundreds of these high-security, climate-controlled facilities located all over the world. Having your spares nearby means fast response times and superior SLA compliance.

Blended OEM Support Options

If your data center has a mix of older equipment and the latest and greatest, our blended OEM support option may be a fit.

Our maintenance solution is designed to co-exist with your current or future OEM maintenance contracts. So even if you prefer to run mission-critical applications on the latest generation technology from the OEM, we can help you save significantly on your monthly IT costs by maintaining your non-critical equipment long after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

When the warranty on your OEM-supported equipment expires, you can easily add each machine to your CentricsIT contract to avoid the OEM’s spike in support cost.

Our blended support options even allow our customers to track and manage assets in our online portal that are not under our support. That’s right–all machines, regardless of their support contracts, managed with one simple portal.

Simple Incident Management Contracts – One Contract for Your Entire Data Center

With CentricsIT Incident Management, we put all maintenance for all machines, across all data centers, and for all manufacturers on one easy-to-understand contract. Our comprehensive contract and pricing options give you the ability to build simple maintenance contracts that best suits your infrastructure and budget.

You can expect that all CentricsIT contracts:

  • Are customer-centric – Most OEMs have contractual terms that benefit them. The simple contract solutions we offer benefit the customer.
  • Simplify the approval process – Our simple contracts are straight to the point, and the terms and conditions are completely flexible. Tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen!
  • Avoid delays – Your data center needs to be running efficiently and fully supported without interruption. Complicated contracts and reading between the lines should not cause a setback with your support. CentricsIT contracts are straight forward and easy to approve or modify in a short timeframe.

Simplify Your Incident Management with CentricsIT

With a comprehensive array of Incident Management and IT lifecycle services, the question becomes – why not CentricsIT? Request a free quote today and start working with one of our service specialists on an Incident Management plan that fits your business.


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