Global Logistics

International Logistics in IT: The Trials of Import and Export

Global IT maintenance is hard.

And part of that difficulty is getting the right replacement parts to your international locations in a timely and cost-efficient manner. However, when shipping hardware to a different country, there is a complex vetting process that must occur before the cargo ever leaves the warehouse. Admittedly, anyone with a shipping label and packing peanuts can send a parcel to India, but if you want to avoid lengthy delays, CBP penalties, and potential seizures, you must first:

  • Acquire the specific importing license for the destination country
  • Apply for the proper VAT import number
  • Learn and comply with necessary customs restrictions
  • Determine adequate freight insurance
  • Pack the equipment appropriately for international shipment

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, it still represents a great deal of research and preparation that must be done before shipments can occur. And all of this to meet one of the most fundamental needs of your global infrastructure: hardware maintenance.

Better Shipping Practices with CentricsIT

CentricsIT ships internationally for our clients’ maintenance endeavors every day. And we do this to support the global reach you’ve heard us reference when discussing the CentricsIT ITAD and TPM service offerings. However, our international logistics network offers more than just the leveraging of secondary hardware markets.

Our logistics networks enable our clients’ international maintenance processes.

Packaging Makes Perfect

We’ve been in the shipping business for over a decade now. We are experts at international logistics.

Our highly trained warehouse team regularly (and successfully) prepares internationally-bound hardware for overseas transport. We have the years of experience and the tools to securely package, palletize, and ensure the safe delivery of all of your units.

More specifically, for commonly shipped equipment like laptops, hard drives, memory, CPU’s, etc., our technicians use specially engineered, manufacturer-quality boxes with hard foam inserts to protect the hardware. For more irregularly shaped, unique equipment and for partially assembled units, our technicians use our customizable expanding foam machine to add tailored security into the packaging.

With CentricsIT, the packaging process is optimized for each piece of your hardware to ensure its safe delivery.

Unbroken Chain-of-Custody

We only contract with highly vetted, experienced transportation partners, both internationally and here in the US. As such, we establish and maintain a strict and universalized procedure to ensure the security of the equipment.

The Confidence to Make It Happen

Because of our extensive global network of strategic partners, CentricsIT maintains close relationships with the IOR specialists at each international location who know the ins-and-outs of their particular import and export laws and regulations. Not only that, CentricsIT has a full-time Licensed Customs Broker on staff. CentricsIT legitimizes your shipments to Customs and Border Protection from both sides of the border, thus avoiding delays, penalties, and seizures.

CentricsIT takes care of the entire IT lifecycle process from start to finish. No matter where your equipment resides, our team will coordinate pick-up and handle its secure, economical transport to any location worldwide.

We handle customs globally—meaning your assets can be sold and shipped anywhere in the world, infinitely expanding the marketplace for your hardware.

CentricsIT does not deal in any hazardous materials or weapons and does not ship to any locations, companies, or individuals listed on the Department of Defense embargo list or Denied Persons List.

Tired of inexperienced brokers causing penalties and delays at the border? Speak to our Licensed Customs Brokers to make your next international shipment a successful one, and never worry about the status of your global maintenance contracts or hardware ever again.


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