Onsite Shredding and Destruction

Depending on your organization’s policies, you might require your ITAD partner to provide data destruction services onsite at your facility instead of at a secure offsite facility. The CentricsIT fleet of mobile shredders enables us to meet the needs of even the most security-conscious customers.

When you decide that destroying your unneeded hard disks and tape storage is the most effective way to protect your organization’s data, CentricsIT can deploy a mobile shredder to physically destroy hard disks, tapes, compact discs, and other small devices as needed. Destruction takes place onsite at your facility (or at any location you request) to provide the most security-conscious organizations with the option to witness the disposition. Video surveillance is also available. All data destruction services are backed by a detailed audit and Certificates of Data Destruction.

Get Started with an ITAD Consultation

Comprehensive Audit

A typical ITAD project begins with a comprehensive audit to identify the assets designated for disposition and facilitate proper asset management. Our team of manufacturer-specific product experts then provides fair-market appraisals on all decommissioned components to help your team evaluate the most effective options for maximizing value.

Strategic Value Recovery Options

During our initial call, we will determine your asset disposition goals and provide you with strategic value recovery options. If your security protocols call for onsite data destruction, CentricsIT will deploy a mobile disk shredder or advanced data erasure technology to your location and provide a Certificate of Destruction for all services to ensure compliance during any audit.

Certified Recycling

We ensure every usable or remarketable piece of equipment is repurposed. If any of your components are candidates for recycling, CentricsIT will perform e-waste recycling according to R2/RIOS and ISO14001 specifications.

Disk Destruction and Data Erasure

Your Data Security is Our Priority.

“With each passing year, not only has the sheer volume of threats increased, but the threat landscape has become more diverse, with attackers working harder to discover new avenues of attack and cover their tracks while doing so.” – Internet Security Threat Report Volume 23, Symantec, March 2018

When you approach CentricsIT with any IT asset disposition project, the first thing we address is your data. Depending on your specific requirements, we can deploy advanced disk sanitization methods to erase your data to HIPAA and Department of Defense NISPOM standards or use disk destruction devices to obliterate your hard disks entirely with data erasure.

We utilize: Disk Shredding, Certified Data Sanitization and Reporting, Department of Defense 5220.22M 3x/5x/7x, and Custom Data Erasure.

Security Guarantee

Compliance and Peace of Mind

Every service provided by CentricsIT is backed by our Certificate of Secure Data Erasure or Certificate of Secure Data Destruction. You will receive this certificate, along with detailed reporting, when your services are completed.

Security certificates and reports are important documents to have for compliance and auditing purposes. CentricsIT will make every effort to accommodate your logging and reporting requirements to help you remain compliant by any standards, whether internal to your organization or mandated by any governing authority.


A Better Way to ITAD

If you’re unsure of whether to reuse, recycle or dispose your IT assets, contact CentricsIT today to learn how we can make the most of your unused IT assets.