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Justin Brainard is the Head of E-Commerce at CentricsIT, with 8 years of expertise in reselling IT hardware, parts, and components online. As the leader of the CentricsIT e-commerce business, Justin adeptly manages the platforms and oversees the seamless resale of decommissioned customer equipment through consignment. With an in-depth understanding of the online secondary market, he plays a pivotal role in ensuring customers get the most value for their assets.

Justin’s career journey has been defined by his proficiency in reselling IT hardware and components through various online channels. His hands-on experience in the secondary market equips him with valuable insights into the intricacies of online sales, enabling him to optimize the e-commerce process and deliver exceptional value to customers.

With a keen eye for market trends and a focus on maximizing returns, Justin navigates the complexities of the online marketplace with precision, making CentricsIT a go-to destination for clients seeking reliable IT hardware solutions.

As Head of E-Commerce, Justin Brainard remains committed to delivering top-tier services and fostering strong relationships with customers, ensuring CentricsIT continues to provide optimal value for its customers.


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