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New, Used and Refurbished HPE Apollo Servers

HPE Apollo is designed to meet the increased needs that come along with data-intensive workloads like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and High Performance Computing (HPC). This server line stands apart from other HPE servers by using ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) processors which allow it to take on advanced workloads. The Apollo family of servers is an affordable option for organizations managing diverse and converged workloads.

HPE Apollo Servers – In Stock and Ready to Ship Worldwide

The HPE Apollo family of servers is named for Apollo, a company acquired by HPE in 1989. The name was brought back into use for the Apollo high-performance line of servers. As big data becomes an integral part of modern business, HPE Apollo makes processing this data possible for data centers of any size. Its scalability and affordability make it stand out on the HPC market.

CentricsIT sells both complete units as well as parts, so whether your high-performance environment needs a refresh from an HPE Apollo server or needs a part to keep an existing unit running, we have the solution you need.

CentricsIT Carries New, Used and Refurbished HPE Apollo

CentricsIT is a leading international distributor of used and refurbished HPE Apollo servers. Whether you are looking for a newer model or a legacy HPE Apollo server to fit your current environment, CentricsIT has what you need. With our in-house engineers, CentricsIT can configure your used HPE Apollo server so that it is ready to deploy upon arrival.

Like other CentricsIT products, used HPE Apollo servers save businesses 40–70% versus traditional distribution channels. Because CentricsIT keeps more than $10 million of inventory in stock, most quotes can be configured and shipped worldwide within 24–48 hours, eliminating OEM lead times, and with our in-house customs brokers, the hardware arrives anywhere in the world without unnecessary delay. If you do not see the model you want, contact us! Not all of our inventory is featured on our website.

HPE Apollo: Models and Configurations (New, Used, Refurbished Options)

Popular Models and Configurations
HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 Plus System
HPE Apollo 35 v2 System
HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Plus System
HPE Apollo 4200 Gen10 Server
HPE Apollo 4200 Gen9 Server
HPE Apollo 4510 Gen10 System
HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 Plus System
HPE Apollo 6500 Gen10 System
HPE Apollo 6500 Gen9 System
HPE Apollo 80 System
HPE Apollo k6000 Chassis
HPE Apollo kl20 Server
HPE Apollo pc40 Server
HPE Apollo sx40 Server

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