Celebrate Earth Day all Month Long with a Free E-Waste Pickup

At CentricsIT, our mission is simple: Repurpose Technology for a Better Planet, which is why we’re celebrating Earth Day with a free e-waste pickup during the month of April. We are inviting companies of all sizes to schedule a pickup for consumer devices to redirect them from the landfill to proper recycling avenues. All e-waste will be recycled according to EPA regulations and ISO 14001 standards.

According to the UN’s Global E-Waste Monitor published last month, e-waste is being generated five times faster than documented e-waste recycling. In 2022, more than 68 million tons were generated globally. Less than a quarter of this e-waste was recycled, and the amount of e-waste generated globally is only expected to grow. By 2030, this number is expected to reach 90 million tons.

Enterprises often have plans for their electronic devices, but because consumer devices are considered less valuable, fewer recyclers accept them. CentricsIT wants to change that. With more than 17 years of promoting a circular economy throughout the IT lifecycle, CentricsIT is a world-renowned leader in IT asset disposition and global IT value optimization. Providing secure sustainability is what we do.

By scheduling your e-waste pickup, you are contributing to the circular economy—prolonging the use of valuable components that would otherwise take up space in landfills—and demonstrating your company’s commitment to making the world a better place.

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A Better Way to ITAD

If you’re unsure of whether to reuse, recycle or dispose your IT assets, contact CentricsIT today to learn how we can make the most of your unused IT assets.