Valuable ITAD Ideas for Better Decom in a Cloud Migration

You have just been tasked with a cloud migration initiative, and some of the obvious questions that your company needs to answer are: What cloud functions do we need? What data should we shift? What applications will need to be rebuilt?

In the excitement of a new project, there are other equally as important questions that perhaps don’t readily come to mind, like: What are we going to do with unneeded hardware and residual data?

Think About Asset Recovery: Value Recovery and Data Protection

When you are approaching a cloud migration, decommissioning the remaining equipment is often the last thing on your mind. However, having a flippant, “oh, we’ll just toss it after the migration,” mentality is perhaps one of the greatest mistakes you could make, as it has financial, security, and environmental ramifications.

So how do you handle it the right way?

Rather than hiring multiple vendors to accomplish the many simultaneous projects required for a cloud migration, why not choose one that can do it all? Comprehensive IT services providers, like CentricsIT, provide end-to-end ITAD services, so you don’t have to manage chain-of-custody through multiple vendor handoffs. We will help you evaluate your physical assets and determine which hardware should be re-purposed, resold, or recycled. You’ll get the most value possible out of your hardware, both during the migration and afterward.

Hardware Reuse and Resale

If equipment can be reused elsewhere in your data center, our experts will determine the best-suited hardware for the job, move it, and get it back online for you. If unneeded hardware remains, we will audit the equipment for resale value and help you extract every ounce of value through secondary markets. You can then take these savings and use them toward your overall cloud onboarding costs.

But what if a subset of the remaining equipment no longer has resale value?

Hardware Wipes and Recycling

You may have migrated your data and applications to the cloud, but don’t forget about the remnants of that information that’s still left on your hardware. If that hardware is then haphazardly discarded, then your sensitive enterprise data could easily fall into the wrong hands. This is why choosing the correct decommissioning partner matters. If you choose a certified provider, like CentricsIT, your equipment will be securely wiped of all data using patented erasure software. After completely wiping your drives, CentricsIT will remove your decommissioned hardware and dispose of it through the proper recycling channels .

Still don’t know where to start?

Want to know exactly what to do with your hardware during the decommissioning process associated with a cloud move? We will work alongside you from the very beginning to ensure the process goes smoothly. The sooner you contact us, the easier the migration. It’s as simple as that.