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Deciding When to Outsource Engineering

It’s not enough to simply keep pace with innovation; you also need to establish and maintain a competitive advantage. Many organizations are facing the decision of when to outsource engineering, but others are still determined to keep all IT operations in-house. Unfortunately, your IT team is already spread thin, so you need to find a sustainable solution that fills in IT gaps and enables your senior staff to refocus on more critical, strategic tasks. To determine whether you are outsourcing your IT needs efficiently, compare your operations to the following IT outsourcing checklist. 1.  How consistent are your IT needs? Do you have seasonal needs that require temporary staffing to handle the load? g. Increased support needs during fax filing, immigration law, retail (Christmas, holidays, etc.) Are you experiencing rapid [...]

Aligning Vendor Expectations for a Successful Outsourced IT Project

Finding the right vendor for your next outsourced IT project like: Digital transformation initiatives Datacenter moves Hardware disposition strategies Data sanitization protocols … is not a light decision. What you don’t want is to contract with a vendor who can meet some of your needs, but not others—and for them to not be upfront with you about that reality. In these cases, especially if the communication between you and your vendor is not as clear as you thought it was, you might need to do some vendor-realignment halfway through your project timeline. By clarifying the project scope and success conditions in advance, you can minimize wasted effort and dramatically reduce missed timelines. Here’s how our team ensures that an outsourced IT project’s expectations align with the final deliverables. Let’s Start [...]