FixIT: Error Code – MEM_CORR_ERR

At CentricsIT, we are your IT experts. We are here to help with any IT maintenance issue that arises in your data center. If there is an error code that you can’t fix, we can help in our monthly FixIT column. This month, we’re covering the HP error code: MEM_CORR_ERR Error Code: MEM_CORR_ERR Explanation: This error indicates an issue with your server’s memory. It occurs when the CPU fails late self test. FixIT: First, you must determine the source of the problem. In the case of this error, the culprit could be the CPU or the DIMM(s). Start by updating your firmware to the latest version. HP has released a few equipment firmware updates that address this specific error, so make sure these are all installed. If this does not [...]