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IBM x86 Lenovo Deal – Is the Uncertainty Causing You to Jump Ship?

We've all heard the phrase, "one man's loss is another man's gain." It seems to be ringing true when it comes to the big news surrounding the IBM x86 sale to Lenovo. HP and Dell are pouncing on all of the stragglers the uncertainty is creating for IBM partners and customers. That's the way business works; when someone else trips, capitalize by being better. Comfort is where the majority goes; there's less of a risk. This is exactly why Dell and HP's profits have started to grow. The last thing you want to do as a business is come off as unreliable. This is an immediate red flag to customers on every level, and conducting business after giving off signs that there's instability is like pushing your clientele, one-by-one, off [...]

FAQ: IBM Sells x86 Server Business to Lenovo

IBM sells its x86 server line to Lenovo - how does this affect you? As of January 23rd 2014, Lenovo has been in the process of buying the x86 server lines manufactured by IBM. The deal has been an endeavor of negotiating terms and services, and this will continue throughout the following months with plans to finalize and close by the end of this year. The purchase price agreed upon is approximately $2 billion. Lenovo will pay a portion of $2 billion in cash to IBM and paying the remaining $300 million in Lenovo stock The transition from IBM to Lenovo was initiated by the belief that Lenovo has the strengths in scalability, operational efficiency, and presence to propel IBM's x86 servers to a greater realm of success. Lenovo will be [...]