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How We See IT: IBM Power 750 Express Server

Your Needs: Performance Security Innovation How We See IT: Dell PowerEdge VRTX The IBM Power 750 Express Server is the kind of system that can do everything. It is always up and running applications, and—best of all—it fits into your budget. This server delivers secure computing capabilities and energy-efficient virtualization that makes it one of the best servers for application consolidation or transaction processing. The IBM Power 750 Express Server delivers leadership POWER7+ performance, security, and innovative technologies to your business. Performance The IBM Power 750 Express Server will set the standard in performance with the POWER7+ processor. The new POWER7+ processor includes a larger L3 cache, two built-in accelerators, active memory expansion hardware accelerator, and the AIX cryptographic accelerator. The L3 cache increased to 10 MB per core, which [...]