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How We See IT: HP Integrity Superdome Servers (HP Superdome 2)

Your Needs: Reliability for mission-critical applications Efficiency Scalability How We See IT: Meet HP’s answer to its dearly beloved and now retired HP 9000 Superdome. The HP (Integrity) Superdome 2 is completely scalable and promises high-availability for those seeking something to power your mission-critical environment. With a lower cost of entry than its older counterpart, users can build a system that suits their needs. High Reliability If high-reliability and uptime are at the forefront of your IT infrastructure concerns, the HP Superdome 2 is the product for you. The unit’s power-on-once technology keeps the system running with self-diagnosing and self-healing features, resulting in a 440% reliability boost. The passive backplane removes points of failure to prevent downtime, while the Superdome 2 Analysis Engine predicts errors before they happen. Efficiency Based [...]