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Georgia Educational Technology Fair Recap

As a leader in the IT business, we know it is important to foster the minds and educations of future IT industry leaders. That is why we donated two scholarships and an internship to select student champions of the 2011 Georgia Educational Technology Fair. Hardware is our business, and we know that it will take bright young minds to continue developing the hardware that runs our global networks. We also believe in the value of robotics. Many signicant industries, including agriculture, manufacturing, and medical/surgical science, depend on today’s children to break new ground in the robotics field. This past Saturday, CentricsIT awarded two scholarships at the Georgia Educational Technology Fair at Howard High School in Macon, GA. This was the state-level competition for 3rd through 12th graders. Over 500 students [...]

Happy Holidays from CentricsIT

Happy holidays from CentricsIT! As President Kennedy once said, "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future." For this reason, in lieu of customer gifts, we're giving you the opportunity to help us choose which scholarships CentricsIT will sponsor for the upcoming Georgia Educational Technology Fair. The CentricsIT Scholarship Categories We want you to help choose the scholarships we award. Choose from the following options: - Programming - Robotics - Graphic Design Your choice determines which additional category we will award a scholarship to this year. Click here to submit your choice.