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JUNIPER Announcing End-of-Support (EOS) For SRX240H2 and SRX650

Juniper announced the end of Next Day Support for SRX240H2 and SRX650 on May 1, 2020−soon to be followed by End-of-Support (EOS) for SRX240H2 and SRX650 in the fall of 2020. With OEM supply lines dried up during the current crisis, companies are unable to refresh their critical Juniper equipment before support is lost. However, while OEM lead times are so far out that many don’t even have shipment dates, companies aren’t out of options. With the OEMs still maintaining EOS dates announced before the current pandemic and subsequent economic slowdown, companies still have to scramble to find a solution for their Juniper hardware, even with OEMs unable to provide a timeline for the arrival of new equipment. Organizations can’t afford to drop support, so what are their options? Option [...]