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FixIT: Dell Error Code E0F0B_POST_ROM_CHKSUM Faulty

Here at CentricsIT, we are your IT experts. When any IT maintenance issue arises in your data center, we are here to help. If there is an error code you can't fix, let us assist you in our monthly FixIT column. This month, we're focusing on the Dell error: E0F0B_POST_ROM_CHKSUM Faulty or improperly installed expansion card This is an LCD Status Message error code that is likely to occur in the Dell PowerEdge servers. There are a few steps to go through first to make sure that the error message is properly indicating the problem. Clear the system event log - this can be done remotely, but it will cause the loss of event history for the system Chassis intrusion - when the cover is removed, it tricks the system [...]