F5 BIG-IP Intelligent Compression Module

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F5 BIG-IP Intelligent Compression Module

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F5 BIG-IP Intelligent Compression Module

Nowadays, users are constantly Today’s users are frequently affected by sluggish web application performance that happens because of WAN latency and connection congestion issues. The F5 BIG-IP Intelligent Compression Module offers a major gain in application performance by decreasing the amount of traffic that is sent to the user, hence improving the user’s online experience.

  • The F5 BIG-IP Intelligent Compression Module condenses a collection of information effectively, including: HTTP, XML, Javascript, J2EE applications and others.
  • It can enhance page rendering speed up to 5 times.
  • It permits companies to manage and decrease cycles intended for compression based on system load, assuring excellent performance and load balancing across all functions.

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