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IBM Maintenance: Preparing for the IBM POWER7 EOSL Date [Datasheet]


IBM Maintenance Preparing for the IBM POWER7 EOSL Date When your OEM announces EOL (and then, later, EOSL) on your critical equipment, you’re forced to make an immediate decision. Whether you decide to upgrade your units, continue OEM support at an inflated cost, or switch to a third-party maintenance provider, the decision shouldn’t come [...]

Scale Better with Hardware-as-a-Service [Datasheet]


Scale Better Hardware-as-a-Service Revolutionizes the Way You Handle IT Projects Traditional enterprise hardware procurement is limited and expensive, especially when workloads and projects fluctuate. Idle hardware costs you more than just a considerable CAPEX investment; it also takes up valuable real estate in your data center. Many companies have turned to leasing or renting [...]

The Case for TPM as Hybrid Cloud Adoption Rises [Datasheet]


The Case for TPM as Hybrid Cloud Adoption Rises The IT industry has seen a dramatic rise in the adoption of cloud architecture. But despite this mass-migration, on-premise hardware remains a data center necessity for many companies. And with increasing OPEX funds wrapped up in cloud initiatives, many of these same companies have begun [...]

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