CentricsIT Delivers Vendor Consolidation across 1,300 Locations for Leading Fitness Franchise



Our VAR partner reached out to CentricsIT to help the fitness franchise create a consistent deliverable across its entire estate. Before CentricsIT got involved, the individual franchisees had their own local IT partners managing their IT infrastructures. This created inconsistent environments from store to store, which produced challenges for corporate IT staff when it came to required store rollouts. Companywide upgrades would take a considerable amount of time because each franchisee had to perform its own IT audits. In addition, the corporate team had no visibility into these events.


The end user was looking to partner with one global vendor that would provide consistent deliverables across all their sites. Additionally, they wanted real-time visibility into project status updates for all their domestic and international locations.

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Download the case study to learn how CentricsIT helped a VAR partner deliver vendor consolidation across 1,300 locations, providing real-time visibility, efficient tracking of shipments, and a single, centralized hub for communication and organization.