Scaling IT Team with On-Demand ServicesScaling Your IT Team

Using On-Demand Field Services

Companies are struggling to support and advance their networks with lean IT teams. As engineers’ skills become more generalized due to necessity, the organizations also end up with a lack of specialized expertise. For mid-range companies with a global footprint, it’s an issue of knowledgeable coverage.

Hiring full-time W-2 engineers for short-term needs doesn’t make sense, and remote support can only go so far with 30% of IT tasks still needing to be completed onsite.

All this adds up to a global market problem that companies are solving by turning to contingent IT labor.

of companies use contingent labor to get work done.*
of companies use contractors “frequently or consistently.”*

*Brandon Hall Group’s 2017 Contingent Workforce Study

There’s a Technology Field Services Gap

And it’s only continuing to grow. With IT teams unable to scale on a global level as companies need, corporate reliance on contingent IT labor continues to grow. Learn more about you can supplement your IT team globally without the additional logistics headache from multiple vendors.