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Cisco Nightmare Whitepaper

Cisco Network Nightmare: Pay Now or Pay Later?

The iPhone 5 was released on September 12, 2012 to the delight of Apple enthusiasts around the world. But what if tomorrow Apple decided to cut all support for the iPhone 4S? Have a question about your phone? Apple won’t take your call. Siri suddenly started speaking in Spanish? Sorry amigo, you’ll have to upgrade to iPhone 5 to x that. Imagine the outrage and confusion amongst Apple consumers if this kind of scenario transpired, and you’ll have a small understanding of the way many CIOs feel about Cisco’s decision to end support on its popular 6500 series of switches.

This whitepaper, written and distributed by CentricsIT, will focus specifically on Cisco’s decision to end support for their 6500 series switch and how CentricsIT can help.

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