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Meet CentricsIT leadership and get an up-close look at its state-of-the-art office and distribution facility in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Learn how CentricsIT combines the best in enterprise IT hardware services, IT maintenance, asset disposition, and IT staffing.

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Video Transcript

CentricsIT is definitely unique. We’re one of the fastest growing IT solution providers in America. Our customers come back repeatedly because of our commitment to customer service. There’s no other company that integrates hardware solutions, maintenance, and staffing the way we do.

Hardware Solutions

We’re a global company. We work the hours, speak the language, and know the cultures. Our international teams buy and sell hardware all over the world to get the best possible pricing and achieve our goal of saving the customer as much money as possible.

But what really separates us is our inventory. We have everything from refurbished legacy equipment to the latest and greatest machines that were just released by the manufacturer. Our availability just can’t be beat. Our goal is to have a quote turnaround to you in 1-3 hours. We have the hardware right here in our warehouse.

Each machine is configured to the customer’s specifications. We listen to what our customers actually want. We put every machine through our 101-point quality inspection. That’s going to cover everything from paint scratches to load testing. Our logistics department quotes all major carriers for every shipment. It doesn’t matter if it’s going overseas or down the street.

Your order can be quoted, tested, configured, and out the door the same day. Each piece of equipment is shipped in specially designed packaging.

We’re one of the best when it comes to selling hardware. But our expertise extends way beyond that. We offer rentals, data centers, lifecycle management services, maintenance, and even IT staffing.

Maintenance Solutions

The manufacturer’s pricing model doesn’t make sense to us. Your equipment is losing value every day, and the cost to maintain that equipment through the manufacturer is getting more expensive.

Centrics Support Services covers every machine in your environment under one low-cost contract. And when you look at our costs versus the manufacturer’s, there is no comparison. We’re looking at a 40-80% difference in most cases.

Our customers pay less money for better service and less hassle.

Staffing Solutions

We take the same approach to staffing as we do our hardware and maintenance businesses. Quality comes first. We know what makes a great IT candidate because we work with IT professionals every day. Our candidate retention rate is 97%.

Our modern recruiting tools allow us to find the perfect candidate for any IT role. Clients receive vetted, quality resumes with 48 hours.

Hardware. Maintenance. Staffing.

Our best ideas at CentricsIT come from our customers. We ask our customers to ask for the impossible because we get better as a company when we’re challenged. We pass every lesson we learn on to the next customer.

Bottom line: whether you need to purchase hardware, maintain your equipment, staff your entire IT team, or anything else related to maximizing your investments in the data center, CentricsIT Is the only company you need to call.

At CentricsIT, we really do see IT differently.