Wi-Fi Site Surveys

You need a wireless solution that will deliver the coverage your company needs—and that means you need a Wi-Fi site survey.  To start optimizing your wireless coverage, it is important to determine the required services that will need to be supported across the wireless network.

Productive Wi-Fi site surveys uncover areas where your coverage, speed, security, and other settings can be improved to increase the quality of your wireless connectivity.  Having a productive wireless connection plays a major role in your company’s productivity.  Because of the rapid rate that wireless surveys and deployments are advancing, there will always be room for improvement.

Potential Improvements

  • Bandwidth Increase Required

  • Internet Bandwidth Increase Required

  • Wan Bandwidth Required

Why Perform a Wi-Fi Site Survey?

  • No Wi-Fi readily available

  • Guarantee of best Wi-Fi performance

  • Solution for radio frequency issues


The Different Types of Wi-Fi Site Surveys

Three Types of WLAN/Wi-Fi Surveys

Performed when:

  • No Wi-Fi available
  • Building a new structure
  • Wireless redesign

Information gathered:

  • Signal Level
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • AP Coverage Areas
  • Number of APs
  • Channel Bandwidth-Requirements

Performed when:

  • Understand current radio frequency (RF) characteristics of a site
  • Understand the current environmental conditions

Information gathered:

  • Signal Level
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
  • AP Coverage Areas
  • Number of APs
  • Channel Bandwidth-Requirements

Performed when:

  • Understand current network and coverage
  • Troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks
  • Verify performance post deployment

Information gathered:

  • Associated AP Requirements
  • Measure round-trip time, throughput rates, packet loss, and re-transmissions

Why Choose CentricsIT for your Wireless Site Survey?

A Wi-Fi-site survey from CentricsIT will give your company the right insight and understanding it needs to put an effective wireless plan in place to meet and/or exceed your individualized business demands.  The information that wireless site surveys reveal serves as a guide for network design, installation, and verification of the wireless communication infrastructure.

Are you looking to assess and augment Wi-Fi site surveys for more than one location? Depending on the size, you will have different hardware to unbox, set up, and boot up.  Therefore, your company will need a flexible team to set up each AP and analyze the coverage.  By leveraging our global network of technicians, CentricsIT sends the right team to get your new wireless system online quickly and efficiently.  This is ideal for corporate locations that need to get started quickly or need to make a smooth wireless service transition without disrupting workflow.

What We Can Provide Following the Wi-Fi Site Survey

When should I get a Wi-Fi Site Survey?

Wi-Fi experts will assess your new physical space to establish the optimized locations for access points (APs) to provide sufficient coverage for your user areas. The surveyor will also plan how to run cables in the most cost-effective manner that suits the architecture of your structure and meets all of your network needs.

Devices are progressively being used to perform more diversified functions in our professional and personal lives – which leads to an increasing demand on your wireless bandwidth.  A health check survey like this might also be essential for the more industrial (and architecturally challenging) locations like warehouses.  These styles of site surveys help to identify dead zones that prevent your connectivity and optimize your current location and APs.

You’ll first need to ensure that your new wireless system is truly ready to meet all your needs and expectations before your big launch. It’s possible that the first new facility survey might no longer provide the right coverage if details have changed from initial blueprints and early walkthrough to the final building stage.  A coverage survey determines two things: 1) If everything is where it should be, and 2) if everything is operating as it should.  If this post-installation survey finds gaps, you’ll have recommendations on how to configure and place APs to close those gaps in coverage.

AirMagney and Ekahau are two Wi-Fi site survey software solutions that provide a simple and time-efficient predictive methodology of mapping your WLAN. Remote surveys are often done in congruence with an on-site survey, as there are some key elements that software can’t consider.

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