Managing Asset Decommissioning to the Highest Standards Anywhere in the World

As is the case for many clients, when it comes to standardizing the IT needs across your global locations, finding the right hands for the right places at the right time can be a difficult task.

This is a challenge across all solution needs, including large-scale IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) projects.

  • Blanket Coverage to Fill in the Gaps
    Much like our Wi-Fi offerings, CentricsIT has a “blanket” fix for your multi-location ITAD needs. Whether you are planning a corporate migration to cloud or a companywide decommissioning of EOL hardware, CentricsIT has the resources to make it happen, both quickly and efficiently.

  • Global Forces for Greater Reach
    CentricsIT has a global network of highly trained and capable technicians, engineers, lift and shift operators, and project managers on call 24/7—it doesn’t matter where you set up shop or how many shops you run. When your offices lack specialization or require more hands to get a project finished on a time crunch, CentricsIT can quickly deploy the right people to all of your locations on an as-needed basis. Because, when your company is in flux, we choose to be flexible with you. And as is the case with many of our offerings, you only pay for what you use for as long as you need it.

  • Inventory Assessment
    Before any lifting begins, CentricsIT will send a team of auditors to meet with your internal teams and assess your onsite equipment and residual data. Whether you are looking to make large-scale decommissions or you are gearing up for a company-wide cloud migration, our technicians will help you determine what equipment will be best suited for continued on-premise operations and what hardware can ultimately be removed.

    In short, you will receive a comprehensive inventory of all your IT hardware and stock.

  • Data Wipes
    The first step in a proper decom is to ensure the security of any data that is leftover on unneeded devices. Before the equipment is removed in any way from your datacenters, CentricsIT will securely wipe all data from your drives using erasure software or shred them depending on your internal requirements. This ensures complete security of your enterprise data across all company sites.

  • Reutilization and Recycling
    Next, your soon-to-be-decommissioned hardware will be placed in one of three categories: resale, reuse, or recycle.

    Our technicians will determine which of the now-unneeded units still have resale value and will help you recoup some of your initial hardware costs through secondary markets. Our heritage as a world-class secondary market hardware reseller enables us to sell your stock at competitive prices to extract the most value out of your hardware. These reclaimed funds can then be put towards your overall cloud initiative or be used for ITAD services company-wide.

    If any hardware remains that cannot be used on-premise or sold in secondary markets, CentricsIT will go through our ISO and R2 certified channels to properly dispose of and recycle your hardware. Furthermore, our global network of vetted resources enables us to meet any disposal or recycling regulations, no matter where your datacenters are, to keep you compliant within regional industry regulations.


No one wants to be the next big data breach—especially through your old data storage assets.

Learn how to protect your company's reputation and data during the decommissioning process with this free comprehensive guide to secure ITAD.