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Why are IT Contractors the Best Solution for My Company?

While many organizations are already making the move to outsourcing, some are still determined to keep all IT operations in-house.  Hiring IT contractors comes with a multitude of benefits that can help your company limit unnecessary overhead, cut down response time, and avoid falling behind in the marketplace. Your IT team is already spread thin—you need to find a sustainable solution that fills in IT gaps and enables your senior staff to refocus on more critical, strategic tasks.

Are you facing the dilemma of how to provide IT support to internal users across the globe without the overhead of staffing full-time W-2 resources for needs that don’t warrant full-time costs?  While each location has IT support needs, not every office has the staff and complexity to require full-time resources.  The perfect solution: IT contractors for hire.


IT Contractors for Hire: Service Delivery Options

Hiring IT Contractors Shouldn’t Mean More Problems with More Vendors

Organizations hesitate to outsource to IT contractors because more vendors often mean more logistical headaches, more contracts to manage, and more deadlines of which to keep track. With juggling an already robust vendor list in your technology stack, adding to the hardly organized chaos can be unappealing.

Turning to a global IT contractor enables multinational companies to seamlessly scale their teams without adding to their vendor list. By partnering with an IT solutions provider that has as large (or even larger) of a global footprint as your organization, you can ensure you have the coverage you need, when you need it—and without sourcing new and unknown IT contractors in every location you need them.

Count on CentricsIT for your IT Contract Hiring Needs

Our global network of IT contractors will supplement your team wherever and whenever you need them the most.  Our IT contracts seamlessly integrate with your teams, attend planning calls, and report on projects—just as you would expect of your full-time staff.

Additionally, you only pay for the resources you need.  When the assigned projects are completed, the CentricsIT IT contractors will depart without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Your current employee-to-IT-technician ratio might be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. It’s simple. Don’t place your already-lean teams under unrealistic pressure, and don’t pay for bench warmers. Manage technical support the smart way through CentricsIT SmartHands.

Looking for IT Contractors for Hire? Look no further.

CentricsIT helps you operate your lean engineering team by alleviating the pressure of being understaffed.

Extensive PTO Coverage

Extensive PTO Coverage

Prior to any of your team members taking PTO, we’ll deploy an IT contractor to shadow the team member to learn his or her role, processes, and procedures.  This ensures a fully trained team member is in place to maintain quality coverage during extended employee absences.

Flexible Duration

Flexible Duration

Our IT Contractors can be deployed on a flexible schedule, so you’re covered whether you need engineers for a few hours or for weeks at a time.

Granular Billing

Granular Billing

Our IT Contractors can bill by the hour, half day, day, or week depending on your needs and the size of your project.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Our IT Contractors can be deployed in more than 80 countries with as little as 24-hour notice.  We can facilitate and manage multiple projects simultaneously, across borders and time zones.

SmartHands Bridges the Gaps

CentricsIT has a large global network of IT contractors for hire available for incremental labor needs, including:

  • Server rack and stack

  • Data Center Migrations

  • PTO Backfill

  • Onsite Support Desk Responses

  • Client Device Installations and Upgrades

Our highly vetted network of L1-L4 technicians can help you address short-term, on-demand engineering needs in a cost-effective, reliable way.

In need of IT contractors for hire? The trend towards a more contingent-labor-based IT workforce continues to gain momentum as IT needs grow more complex and more closely align with financial business objectives.  It’s very common for mid-sized global organizations to have more than 50 technology partners and contractors engaged to cover their geographic footprints. With technology providers continuing to specialize within given technology disciplines, finding the right skillsets further complicates the service delivery processes.

In the past, engineers were staffed specifically for an application or type of hardware.  These engineers were advanced specialists who had honed their skills over many years.  That strategy worked in the past, but there is now a new trend emerging: employ generalists, reduce headcount, and staff as few engineers as possible.  Companies are moving in the direction of hiring IT contractors.

Stop falling behind on your IT strategic initiatives. It’s time for a better global solution.

“It’s always nice to get more than what you want AND save money!

“We discussed with our CentricsIT rep exactly what we needed, and they came back to us with more than we initially were looking at buying and saved us over 60%. We were amazed!”– IT Manager, Large Southeast Manufacturing Company

“CentricsIT stood out immediately because of their pricing. They blew the other companies out of the water. Furthermore, their customer service and attention to detail was fantastic. Our rep is available to us 24/7. You could even say that he’s an extension of our IT team.”

IT Director, Global Company in Software Vertical

“Price was definitely the biggest factor, but I have to say that I am always impressed with how quickly I get a response when requesting a quote from CentricsIT. With CentricsIT, I usually get a quote back within 30 minutes or at the very least, by end of business day. That’s a great way to do business.”

Enterprise Network Engineer, Global Company in Healthcare Industry

CentricsIT Field Services Success Stories

Need access to IT Contractors for Hire that can show up at a moment’s notice?

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