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Project Description

Streamlining their ITAD process helped a steel manufacturing company make $11,000 on retired IT assets.


CentricsIT had the opportunity to work with a major player in the American steel and manufacturing industry. As a leader in its industry, this steel company manages a sizable workforce and numerous facilities: over 13,000 employees at more than 200 branches and service locations. The company’s annual sales exceed $2.7 billion, with operations in the United States, Canada, Central America, and South America. It expects to grow throughout the next decade as it increases innovation into new materials, such as high-performance alloys, and expands into new industries, including material trading and logistics. As a multi-national enterprise, the company uses a significant amount of IT equipment to maintain and augment its competitive advantage in the industry.


Successful companies of this scale naturally seek continuous improvement in their processes. The company understood that it was most effective when pursuing perfection in all aspects of its business, including fields disparate from its core business functions. CentricsIT began corresponding with this company regarding its IT asset disposal (ITAD).

The steel conglomerate came to a frank realization. “We are looking at options for our asset disposal program as we have a wide variety of assets from desktops and laptops, to servers, switches, routers, and printers. Currently, we do not get what we believe is value from these recycled assets.”

In addition, the process by which the steel producer managed its leased equipment led to several instances of mistaken disposal—employees would occasionally discard items that needed to be returned to the OEM at the completion of a lease agreement. Finally, these processes were not coordinated throughout the enterprise, with different regions in the United States adopting unique practices for ITAD.

Download Full Case Study

Download the case study to learn how CentricsIT helped the client receive over $11,000 from IT consignment transactions, a substantial increase in the returns on its equipment disposal as compared to its previous ITAD solution. In addition, the custom portal solution designed by CentricsIT eliminated all instances of mistaken disposal of leased equipment and has streamlined the ITAD process for the entirety of the United States division. Employees were empowered to initiate asset disposal, saving time and eliminating unnecessary redundancies.