Full-Service IT Management (FSITM)

Count on Full-Service IT Management from CentricsIT to Achieve Operational Excellence in IT

Do you have an internal team managing your company’s end user devices and day-to-day IT operations? Allocating internal resources to manage these tasks not only prevents your team from innovating your IT practices, but it also ends up costing more than partnering with an experienced full-service IT management provider.

Perhaps, you have a third party operating your current service center and the overall end user experience is not where it should be due to service level misses, poor first contact resolution percentages, or even lack of service ownership. You need a centralized solution that provides complete end user services while driving costs down and service quality up.

CentricsIT provides full-service IT management for EUC (End User Compute) devices to companies of all sizes, worldwide. We help you achieve long-term ROI by creating efficiencies and consolidating vendors. We leverage top-rated talent, proven processes, and “best-in-class” technology solutions (yours, ours, or a combination of both).

Managed services companies cover just a piece of the puzzle. For example, they might provide a help desk but not field dispatch for when an issue arises or vice versa. They might deploy hardware during a traditional project, but not ongoing business-as-usual (BAU) IT operations for break-fix and IMAC needs. CentricsIT provides a single source of IT management support for EUC equipment, while giving you access to a full suite of IT lifecycle management services. Furthermore, our shipping and logistics services, operating within 100 countries, enable you to receive, log, hold, stage, deliver, and track EUC devices with a “zero touch” local experience.

Full Service IT Management

Our Process

We help you simplify IT operations with help desk and service center tasks, improve first-contact resolution percentages, and provide proactive device management services to reduce reactive support needs and associated costs. Depending on your needs and goals, you can pick from one of two options.

  • DIWU (Do IT With You) Full-Service IT Management
    • If you love your current IT operations team but don’t want the headcount on your paper, CentricsIT will take over the management of day-to-day IT operations and service center tasks, so you can continue working with the same team you trust and retain its valuable tribal knowledge.
  • DIFW (Do IT For You) Full-Service IT Management
    • If you are ready to reallocate your internal IT operations team and pass on the responsibility to a trusted full-service IT management provider, CentricsIT will seamlessly take over day-to-day IT operations and service center tasks utilizing our global engineering talent cultivated over more than a decade.

CentricsIT has the resources, expertise, and experience to help your organization maximize the inherent value of your IT infrastructure, extend the life of your IT equipment, improve IT service delivery, and ultimately put money back into your IT budget. We can help you forecast future IMAC projects, in terms of global coverage, depth of service capabilities, and overall end-to-end asset lifecycle management.

If a full-time need is uncovered, we can help you determine what is needed onsite to support your goals, such as staff augmentation or incremental labor. If the need is on-demand with a regular occurrence, we will discuss On-Demand Engineering (ODE) solutions and manage that process from strategy to implementation.

IT lifecycle management at your company keeps you busy enough—the last thing you need to do is expend additional resources managing disparate vendors. A lengthy vendor list creates wasted resources and needless OPEX drain. CentricsIT provides holistic end-to-end lifecycle management services (ITAM) —from sourcing to ITAD—and a broad portfolio of project management services that can be deployed anywhere in the world. With our full-service IT management offering, you will save money by lowering the cost of full-time staff headcount and by removing the middle man when managed services turn into projects, such as third-party maintenance, IT asset disposition, and IT field services.

The CentricsIT Project Management Office has a global network of highly vetted and experienced engineers to help companies that need to get crucial projects completed quickly−and effectively.

CentricsIT third-party maintenance services replace or supplement OEM support, with SLAs tailored to your specific needs. Gartner identifies CentricsIT as a top TPM solution provider for cost optimization and our typical customer saves 50-80% on support costs. With access to more than 800 secure stocking locations in 80+ countries worldwide, CentricsIT provides the same level of exceptional service wherever your infrastructure is located.

We also provide ITAD services (data erasure, data destruction, remarketing, and recycling), buybacks and trade-ins for a secure and efficient way to retire unused IT assets and gain maximum return in the data center.

CentricsIT can deliver a single vendor solution for all your operational IT needs.

Shift the burden of managing day-to-day IT operations and free up your internal resources to focus on more strategic projects that will help the company grow and add to the bottom line.

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